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Who hasn’t dreamed of wearing on the skin a home fragrance that we really like or, inversely, to dress our home with our favourite fragrance? Coquillete Paris, the Italian niche perfume brand, answers our wishes with the launch of a line of wearable home fragrances next year.

As a true confidential and artistic perfume House, Coquillete Paris distinguishes itself with creations celebrating uncompromising high-­‐quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

Here again, with its new six home scents, the brand hits the market with an astonishing concept that promises a different multisensory experience. Indeed, for each home fragrance, Coquillete Paris has developed a specific Extrait de Parfum that works both for the home and on the skin.

Made of the finest ingredients, the six home fragrances will be captured in a stylish packaging and will be featured in an exclusive set including on one side, an elegant black vase of ceramic with bamboo sticks to diffuse the scents (the vase is available in 100ml or 250 ml); on the other side, a small golden spray encapsulating the Extrait de Parfum and symbolising the main characteristics of the scent.

Both the vase and the spray are refillable. Coquillete Paris’ original approach serves different purposes: to make us experience an emotional bond with the place we live in, to help us create a complete, unique, warm and chic atmosphere in a room, to fill our home with glamour and character thanks to a scent that represents us.

Just like with the existing collection of six genderless perfumes, Elise and Rosa, the founders of Coquillete Paris, affirm once more their desire to stand out from the obvious. In fact, through its wearable home fragrances, the House is conveying a meaningful idea and message: “you are your home and that’s exactly the place where you can be yourself, where you can feel at your ease.”

Sweet dreams

A caress that accompanies us in our dreams; a perfume delicate and ethereal like talcum powder, and fresh as silk sheets.

Fleurs en bois

A rich combination of flowers and woods that fosters relaxation and stimulates the mind.

Vanille mon amour

Notes of Madagascar vanilla and soft caramel.  A delicious, warm and enveloping fragrance.

Lime & Limette

Sparkling and energizing. A fresh and lively cocktail that fills a room with vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Teak and saffron

A thick, intense and enticing scent that blends teak wood fibers with saffron spicy aroma. Pungent and audacious, this fragrance is for those who dare with refinement.

Patch de terre

Dedicated to those who love patchouli caught in its humid and dusty essence. An earthy, intense, and sweet and sour fragrance.