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Artemisia G.




Artemisia G. is a perfume dedicated to a woman but it had not been conceived exclusively for women. This blend is a throwback in 1600 set. We are in a workshop, the one of Orazio Gentileschi, Artemisia’s father. Right here, the talent of this young girl was born. Artemisia is the name of a flower, there in the whole pyramid of the perfume. The first notes of the blend are connected to this “education place”, where the talent of Artemisia showed up soon. The whole pyramid is an interpretation of the “chiaroscuro”, a reference to traits of light and darkness, typical of her paintings. The perfume is also the redemption’s celebration of this woman, victim of a rape too, had to deal with a trial and had to put up with the dread of tortures but she managed to earn right in a time when it was just impossible to prove men’s crimes. Artemisia Gentileschi had the opportunity to attend environments that were exclusively male and, for this reason, this extrait de parfum holds notes typically male, like dark woods and vetiver. The artemisia is the composition’s theme, there in head, heart and bottom, and is representing a real celebration of the female part of this artist, a scented ray that is always there. Artemisia Gentileschi was the first woman to be admitted to the ” Academy of arts and Drawings” and she is more than a symbol, is a lighthouse for all the women, across the times, and her example is still nowadays current, essential and radiant.


Artemisia G.

Top Notes: labdanum, herb, mugwort (artemisia), bergamot

Heart Notes: : leather, mugwort (artemisia), tobacco

Base notes: : mugwort, castoreum, amber, guaiac wood, cedar wood, patchouly, tobacco, oud agar, vetyver