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Tan Tan




Extrait de Parfum 100ml

Art direction: Elise Juarros e Rosa Vaia

The summer ends. A mystical duo of pine and absinthe set the scented atmosphere. The fragrance is a blend of sweet fig from Morocco and Pakistani vetiver, with undertones of amber, musk and copper. Offering whiffs of vintage notes, Tan-Tan – an allegory of the intriguing port city of Morocco – is where the olfactory journey ends.

Heart: pine needles, bergamot from Calabria, artemisia, Moroccan white fig.

Heart: Calabrian cedarwood, Pakistani vetiver, Plynesian jasmine, green patchouli from Sumatra, carnation from China.

Fund: figtree bark, coconut milk,  white musk, ambergris, geranium, sandalwood and leather.

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100ml + 10ml as a gift, 10ml

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